The Issue

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses are being forced to pay debilitating out-of-pocket costs.

The Legislation

Kentuckians should be protected from excessive co-pays which can put medications financially out of reach for many families.

Take Action

Contact your legislators today and ask them to Cap the Copay!

It’s Time to Cap the Copay in Kentucky! 

The health care landscape is constantly changing and it can be daunting trying to navigate your healthcare benefits.  For a long time, at least one portion of your health plan was pretty easy to figure out, the prescription drug benefit. You get a prescription, pay a small copay and were headed home with your medicine.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are finding new ways to increase the out-of-pocket costs that plans are meant to protect patients against. Meaning that people with chronic conditions now face new, more costly hurdles.

Now you can do something about it. Support Cap the Copay legislation so that you and your family can better afford the medicines you need.

Support Cap the Copay in Kentucky!